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Should you buy or build on the Inner Banks?


 There is always some naysayer in the crowd who figures when banks and other lending institutions decided to tighten the “we have money to loan” noose thinking in tight financial times it’s better to hold and wait, obviously never saw the waterfront properties for sale in North Carolina.

It’s called Inner Banks, and on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best, Inner Banks property locations, home sites and developments would rate a 12 as one of the best real estate opportunities within the Inner Banks of North Carolina. Quite frankly, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The North Carolina Inner Banks has your waterfront home price and location. Now they only need you.

There are plenty of inner banks homes for sales and this can be a great place to move whether you plan to retire or just want a change in lifestyle.

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Retiring to the Inner Banks of North Carolina


 Retirement is a time of life that all the employed look to fondly. After a long career, the chance to slow down and live at your own pace and leisure is a deserving reward. When looking to buy a retirement home, it is important that the area matches your attitude towards retirement. While a busy city may be exciting, it is hardly slow-paced. The Inner Banks of North Carolina is an ideal place for retirees to set up roots and enter the next chapter in their lives.

While North Carolina is revered for the beaches, moving just a bit inland and away from the tourist locale reveals another side of the state that not everyone gets to see. It would be hard to keep from relaxing with the lazy rivers and quaint farming towns that fill out the Inner Banks. The area is historically rich and the towns are small enough that you can easily become part of the community even being there a short while.

Larger cities and coastal areas are a short drive away should you crave the sandy beaches or the conveniences of a large town, and you have access to these at fraction of the cost of living there. The median price for a house in the Inner Banks is only $118,000 which is an absolute bargain for all that the area has to offer.  Higher end Inner Banks homes for sales are still a bargain compared to similar homes on the Outer Banks.

If you’re looking to slow down and take a longer look at the world around you without breaking the bank, take a look at North Carolina’s Inner Banks.

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Warm Weather Waterfront Homes

Nothing beats living on the water in a warmer climate and enjoying the feel of the breeze and sun on your face.

Buying a waterfront home is the dream of many Americans.  But where to buy a good waterfront home at a good price in a climate that is not too harsh?

The North Carolina Inner Banks are a great place to look.  There are many reasons buying coastal Carolina property is a great idea.  It is centrally located, has a strong economy, has many miles of waterfront homes for sale and many great small communities dot the Inner Bank coast.

Inner Banks homes for sales can be tricky to find because there are a lot of miles of coast line along the Inner Banks and driving from place to place looking at homes can be difficult.  That is why most people that are serious about finding an Inner Banks home for sale are going to work with a waterfront realtor that knows the area and can narrow down the choices for you.  Just give us a call and we are happy to help you find what you ware looking for.


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Inner Banks North Carolina

Why do people choose to buy homes in the Inner Banks of North Carolina?

It is simple.  There is a lot of  Inner Banks homes for sales that are more affordable and more attractive to someone that wants to have waterfront property in North Carolina but wants to avoid the high cost of the North Carolina Outer Banks and the hussle and bussle of the tourists during the busy season.

Instead, people that want to relax and enjoy their waterfron homes choose the Inner Banks because they can enjoy great fishing, boating and sports for a fraction of the cost and a much smaller crowd.

North Carolina Inner Bank homes are a great value because not everyone knows about the opportunity to buy North Carolina Waterfront Property for sale on the Inner Banks.  This is one of those untapped gems that a local realtor can help you uncover.

Waterfront properties for sale are abundant in the growing Inner Banks and you can get a great value that provides you just the kind of place you want to relax and enjoy when you are ready.  Give us a call and lets go look at some waterfront properties together.



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